Viktor Wynd


  1. A Selection of Drawings


  1. The Sorrows of Young Wynd
  2. Structures of The Sublime - Towards a Greater Understanding of Chaos
  3. Why I Think I'm So Fucking Special - It's All About Me
  4. The Unbearable Loneliness of Being

Relational Aesthetics

  1. Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors
  2. Loss; An Evening of Exquisite Misery
  3. Philosophy in The Bedroom
  4. Viktor Wynd's Academy of Domestic Science
  5. The Last Tuesday Society
  6. The Halloween & Masked Balls
  7. The Hendrick's Quarterly Séance
  8. Viktor Wynd Fine Art Inc
  9. The Party That No-one Remembers
  10. Two Theatres' of Broken Dreams

Further Projects

  1. The Beauty Map of the British Isles & The Girlspotter's Guide to The Pretty Girls of Europe
  2. The Portrait of The Artist as Young Men
  3. The League Against Ugly People
  4. Fantasy Wyndworld
  5. Story Telling
  6. Video Works
  7. The Glimpses Trilogy
  8. Wyndstock