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Viktor Wynd – A Retrospective 2001-2011

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Viktor Wynd is delighted to announce the launch of his new website

an archive of his artistic endeavours over the last ten years

Viktor Wynd never wanted to be a train driver when he was little, he never wanted to fly a plane or run faster than anyone else. He wanted to write novels. He didn’t like being at school, he didn’t understand what it was for. It kept him away and it stopped him from doing what he wanted. He didn’t want to be told what to do, he wanted to learn about frogs and toads and carnivorous plants and Napoleon and Cavaliers & The Khan’s of The Golden Horde; he wanted to be Bonnie Prince Charlie, The White Rajah of Sarawak, Prime Minister, William Beckford & Cinderella. He didn’t want to read Sons & Lovers he wanted to read Huysmans & Artaud & Cocteau & Rimbaud. He didn’t want to learn about osmosis, sit through chapel every day; he was happy in the library reading and dreaming of dark Africa, Bougainville Island & The Chagos Archipelago. He didn’t like the other boys, or maybe they didn’t like him, he didn’t want to talk about sport or play their games. He wanted to read Beverley Nicholls & Compton Mackenzie & Milton & Wilde. He didn’t have any direction, even then, & built a greenhouse with a pond and a stream and put tree frogs, and painted frogs and fire salamanders in it and they walked out into the garden and the pond beside and died in a cold winter, so he built another enclosure for Natterjack toads and wall lizards and the toads natterjacked and the lizards got out and went in the chicken pen and had their tails pecked of and ran away. The alpine newts are still in the pond and still very pretty, the carnivorous plants are dead, the orchids are with him now and the bog garden is covered with sphagnum and one clump of glorious orchids.

So he packed his bags and moved to Paris to learn French and read Simone de Beavoir & Sartre & Soupault & Baudelaire (but when he had learnt French he wanted to read Ernst Junger & Marquez & llosa, which he did, in French & Artaud & Artaud & Artaud again) & lived in a garret & drank wine by the Seine and fell in love and thought he’d found his place & then the Islamic World beckoned and then Europe, Asia & America & grew magic mushrooms, mandragora, peyote, san pedro, khat fell out of love and cried and cried & listened to Jim Morrison singing “You’re Lost Little Girl” and thought it was about him. & wrote seven novels, slowly disintegrating, from the first with it’s beginning, middle and an end, to the last with it’s scraps of paper and receipts and little notes.

& then he became an artist and this is what he did

& he’d love to know what you think of it

except he’s hopeless and never finishes anything, so it’s all almost there, it just needs some photos and some images and some sound and some videos and then it will be done, & he hopes you like it. You can learn all about why he thinks he’s so f***ing special, the long and lonely nights he’s spent since you first left home, the league against ugly people, the girlspotters guide to the pretty girls of Europe, philosophy in the bedroom, the sorrows of young wynd and many more

but it doesn’t have anything about Viktor Wynd’s Palace of Broken Dreams because the Old Vic decided after many many months of promises that they don’t want to build it so Viktor Wynd has to live on in his hovel, and fans of what might have been may read below.

But the rest is done now and does it add up to anything? Mr.Wynd is confused and listless and doesn’t really know what he’s done or why he’s done it or what he’s going to do or how he’s going to do it or why ….

But he’d going to do something new soon – just see if he doesn’t…..

He’s more and more obsessed by opera and wants to direct and with Wyndstock launched is planning Wyndbourne…..

Viktor Wynd’s Palace of Broken Dreams

The Last Tuesday Society proposes it’s most ambitious project yet – a Bacchanalian Banquet of Lust & Disgust. Part theater, part installation, part banquet, part ball. The environment will serve as a frame, or a set, to challenge the audiences perceptions and transform them from spectators to cast members of a different drama that they will build every night.

The Palace
Within the tunnels will be created a vast baroque labyrinthine palace, taking as it’s inspiration Pater Greenaway’s The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover, Gormenghast, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Stephen Calloway’s book Baroque Baroque, old master paintings, Mike Kelley, Christoph Buschel, Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et La Bete, William Beckford’s Fonthill Abbey, Quinta da Regaleira, Edward James’ Mexican Gardens & more

A place to dream & a place to play, a place to love & a place to decay,

A banquet of life, a temple of death, a palace of dreams, a garden of tortures…..

- All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players -

The Experience

Whilst the aim is to transform the guests from mere spectators into players the Palace will play host to an army of performers providing centres of entertainment. Visitors will wander at will but be free to stay for as long, or little, as they like in each room. The Palace may be a dream Palace, but it will be a functioning palace, made up of many rooms and chambers, including The Banqueting Hall, The Ball Room, The Kitchens, The Bathroom, Dressing Room, The Cinema, The Garden of Tortures, and more. At it’s heart will be The Banqueting Hall – a vast dining room, a great table, with seating for 200, will groan beneath enormous piles of food arranged as Flemish Still lives, adorned by naked painted wriggling people, the food will be maintained until everyone has had their fill, or it runs out, after which it will be a glorious baroque ruin of a banquet. The Bedroom will be dominated by a vast four poster bed – big enough to hold 40 people, & will play host to “Philosophy in the Bedroom” – a series of serious Philosophical lectures – see below, and, lecture over, will be a place to relax, or enjoy and host performances and spectacles – a life drawing class perhaps; the floor will be carpeted with Persian rugs, deep pillows, erotica will adorn the walls & the room will pay subtle homage both to Catherine The Great & to Dr.James Graham’s Celestial Bed. The Divine Marquis himself will have his own area in The Garden of Tortures,- an overgrown graveyard of a dark garden with strange bondage furniture, whippings and other joys from the S&M community. Within a tented Arabian themed room will nestle The Turkish Baths with twin bubbling hot tubs, towels and changing rooms will be provided. The Ballroom will be glorious and take as it’s central theme Cocteau’s Belle et la BĂȘte, – early in the evening dancing classes will be provided – with an emphasis on fun and partner changing and introducing everyone to everyone, followed by headlining bands and a house jazz band, & djs for as long as people want to dance. Viktor Wynd’s Cinema of Broken Dreams will finally be built, a darkened hall of magic and mystery, partly programmed with new and strange macabre shorts and animations, and partly playing classics – such as Jodorowski’s Santa Sangre.