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101 Reasons to Cry Today

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One Hundred & One Reasons To Cry Today By Viktor Wynd

1/What was your first pet called?
- what type of animal?
- - what happened to it – is it dead?

2/think of your parents cat that got run over, or will get run over

3/think of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who won’t talk to you any more, think of the ex before that who stiiiiiillllllll talks to you

4/Think of your grandmother that’s dead,

5/think of your stepmother who’s got cancer, or soon will have

6/Who did you spend Valentines day with last year? And where are they now?

7/Think of someone you said “I love to” once who wont ever say it back to you now (and mean it)

8/Think of your goldfish that’s dead

9/Think how ugly you’ll be when you’re 92

10/think of when you were young and pretty and everyone wanted to kiss you and how you caught glandular fever and had to stay in bed for 6 months and not kiss anyone.

11/What colour was your first bicycle and where is it now?

12/ What was the name of your first ever love? Did you ever talk? Do you still talk?

13/who did you spend valentines day with the year before last and where are they now?

14/who did you spend valentine’s day with the year before the year before last

15/think of the person you wanted to come with tonight, and the ticket you bought for them and the person you ended up bringing

16/ think of going ho9me for Christmas and discovering that even the people who are supposed to love you don’t

17/ think of all the lambs being born this year. And what will happen to them.

18/ think of all the puppies in china that will be eaten

19/ think of little African children. And the people who adopt them

20/ think of how you cried the day Diana died, the day of her fubneral, and how that makes you feel today

21/ think of waking up in the morning and discovering the person next to you is someone else

22/ think of your first day at school, and your last, and all the horrible days in between

23/ codex alimentarius

24/ thinkof your grandmother who’s dead, and your grandmother who wishes she was dead

25/ think of saying goodbye at the airport, and how you never saw her again

26/ think of the time you said you loved him, and didn’t, and how that made him feel

27/ think of the time you said you’d run away with him, and he bought you a ticket, and you didn’t, and how that made him feel

28 think of the time you said you loved her, day after day, week after week, and didn’t, and she still didn’t let you sleep with her

29/ think of all the kittens in the world, and how there aren’t enough people with enough love in their hearts to make them all happy

30/ think of the first week you spent after your love left you and how you felt every morning when you woke up and your love wasn’t there, and how you felt when you realised your love would never be there again

31/ think of how happy you’d be if only you love would love you the way you love them, have loved them, do love them, will love them

32/ think of how you felt all those years ago when you had a friend

33/ think of the time your first dog got cancer and had to be put down, and of how you’ll feel when the next one dies

34/ think of waking up in the morning, and the old coffee cup by your bed, and the person you’re thinking about, and how they aren’t there and knowing that they’ll probably never be there, but longing for them to be there, smiling and giving you a hug and a kiss, and how they could be there, every morning, but won’t ever be there, again

35/ think of the time you said you didn’t love him, and don’t love him and won’t love him and how you much you have loved him, do love him and will love him, and how you’ll never be able to tell him that, and if you did how he wouldn’t care, and if you’d never told him you didn’t love him how happy you would be today, and aren’t

36/ think of all the poor roses being thrown away on the 15th february, and why, and the storie4s you could tell, and how lucky you would feel if you had someone to give roses to on valentine’s day who would be happy if you did

37/think of the time you did you homework but forget to bring it to school in the morning, and how your teacher didn’t believe you and wouldn’t ring your mum to check

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101 Reasons To Cry Today
Viktor Wynd

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What colour was your first bicycle and where is it now?

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